School Opening

Parents must make the choice for their children returning to school for the 2020/2021 school year that best meets their own family’s circumstances. The Pearce Elementary School District has multiple options from which parents can choose. 

Please rest assured that all of the options below will be vastly different from the educational opportunities provided during 4th quarter of 2019/2020. All options will include mastery learning as well as student accountability with grades assigned.

School began remotely on August 3rd.  All students are working on either the Seesaw platform or Google Classroom platform for remote learning.  Grades PK through 3rd grades are receiving recorded instruction and assignments on the Seesaw platform.  Grades 4th through 8th grades are receiving live instruction from 8 a.m. to noon everyday with assignments based through Google Classroom.  Remote learning will continue until the District can safely open for in-person classes but may return to remote learning at any time during the school year based upon conditions.

When school is able to return to fully in-person schooling, parents will still have options to work with.  Pearce Elementary students who wish to remain online for an extended period of time, may be enrolled with Edgenuity.   Edgenuity provides a fully online curriculum lead by Edgenuity teachers, supported by Pearce Elementary teachers.  This allows for students to remain Pearce Elementary students while having a fully online option.  Students must remain with this option for at least the semester. 

Students wishing to remain online (through Pearce) or a hybrid option, only coming two days a week, may continue.  However, live instruction on those at home days may be limited and the student may have to complete those assignments on their own with limited support due to teachers teaching full day in-person classes.  Students wishing to remain in Pearce online or hybrid option must remain in the hybrid option through the end of the quarter.

The District hopes that these options allow for parents to make the best decisions in regards to their family's needs.  We appreciate all the support our parents and community have provided us as we have dealt with the ever changing landscape of public education.